Why Celebrate Faith?

In a modern world ruled by data, un-provable faith seems to have lost its legitimacy as a foundation to build one’s life upon. And yet, all around us we find men and women who cherish faith and allow their beliefs to influence and direct their daily lives. These beliefs vary as much as the diverse populations who adhere to them, but this common thread of faith links us all together.

Celebrate Faiths is a website focused on that common thread. Too much of the world’s history has been dominated by the destruction that comes from focusing on our differences.

Now is the time to gather fair, accurate information about believers around us. Now is the time to join together and stand united in our belief based lives. And most of all, now is the time to celebrate that which enlightens, empowers, and sustains all those who look to a higher power than their own.  Now is the time to Celebrate Faith!