For my own sake, I need to get a little more organized with this whole faith gathering project. I am excited for this project, but find time slipping by without much progress. With 4 kids and preparing to move out of the country in a few months, I need to be a little more deliberate about this whole thing or it is going to fall out of my day like so many other “wouldn’t it be nice to…” like eat more vegetables and meditate. Hmmmm I’ll work on those later.

So what are my goals and when am I going to squeeze them in?


  • Read 5 or more interfaith background books by end of May. (See list)
  • Learn more about how to use a website so I can actually keep track of the cool stuff I’m learning. (I am a total word press rookie)
  • Pick a Religion of the Year and kick off that year this July in England.

Now I just need to figure out when I can get all this done in the middle of packing up our house, get said house ready to rent, finishing a school year, and all the other fun parts of moving to England. Whew!

My idea is to set a timer on my phone each day for one hour. When I get a moment to spare, I will work on one of my goals and start the timer. I know I usually waste at least a hour a day with mindless media so maybe, just maybe I can harness it’s power for good and get started gathering faith. Fingers crossed!

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